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Rental Purchase Option

100% of the rental fee goes towards the purchase price!



ProCon is VERY excited to announce our new R.P.O. Program! Stop by so that we can show you how to purchase NEW OR USED equipment with little to no money down,

100% of the rental fee going towards the purchase price, and the ability to return the equipment if you don't like it!!!!

Everything from power tools, rammers, pumps, and generators to skidsteers, Backhoes, Excavators, and scissor lifts. We will RPO just about any tool or piece of equipment that we sell. 


Here is a quick example: Purchase a New Wacker BS60-4s Rammer

Cash Price: $3,150.00     -     R.P.O. Price $3,470.00

Monthly Rental Rate: $450.00 per month (plus applicable taxes or fees) Monthly R.P.O. Fee 1% ($34.70)

Rent that machine for 6 months, and you would have $2700.00 paid into that unit (100% of your rental fee... $450.00 X 6 months). That would mean that you could then exercise the purchase option and own that rammer for $770.00!

Lots and lots of options to help YOU get the tools and equipment you need!  



Rental Purchase Options - The best way to finance equipment!

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