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Customer Service

ProCon won’t be matched by any other store out there. Try us once and you’ll see. 

Customer Service


I want to take this opportunity to personally thank you for spending the time to visit our website, see who we are, what we offer, learn about our core values, and see how we intend to demonstrate our commitment to customer service.  Our intention is that you really get a sense of how we really appreciate YOU, our customer.  At ProCon, positive customer relationships are our priority. The personalized and dedicated service we offer is not just another “marketing campaign.”  We understand how important customers are to any business because we, too, are consumers.  To put it simply, we believe in treating everyone as we would want to be treated.  From the services we offer to the attention we pay to details, ProCon’s mission is to exceed your expectations when it comes to fulfilling your needs for construction equipment, tools, supplies and services.

ProCon is a local business-one that employs neighbors, both yours and mine, and we are constantly working to understand and fulfill the needs of our community. Our core values are uppermost in our minds with each step of contact and service we provide. 

No matter if your job is large or small, intricate or superficial, ProCon does its best to exceed your expectations.  Whether it’s locating hard to find parts or supplying stock items, your ProCon staff is at your service when you need us.  We have a 24-hour call center so we can be there for you to guide you through those unexpected construction emergencies even if they occur after regular business hours.  If you ever have to reach me, I am also available at 575-524-1671 or you can always send me an email at  
ProCon is NOT an anonymous big box store.  You mean something to us and we intend to really mean something to you when it comes to construction projects whether large or small.  It is our intention that you have all of the equipment, tools, supplies and services you might ever need throughout your project processes, and we at ProCon eagerly await your challenges and projects as if they were our own.
We look forward to meeting you, working with you and building strong relationships!!
Our customer service won’t be matched by anyone.  

Try us once and you’ll see.


Joseph Muench

Owner, ProCon


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